February 12

Bankhead Theater

Livermore, CA

When you show up to the venue and you're one of the younger ones there, that normally tells you that the act you're about to watch is from a previous generation. And when you see a 60+ year old rocking the mohawk still, that tells you that he/she has complete abandon and is simply being themselves. The artist in question tonight was someone that always stood out, took chances, wasn't afraid of repercussion, and celebrated an oddity or 3. I always enjoyed DAVID BOWIE! I admired his songs, his uniqueness, and his influence. But after last night, that level of enjoyment has multiplied tenfold from experiencing A BOWIE CELEBRATION.

Special Thanks to keyboardist MIKE GARSON for leading this celebration, we were treated to a 2-hour plus set of 20+ songs spanning the entire career of Bowie. What was cultivated of stellar musicians including Mike, bassist CARMINE ROJAS, guitarists EARL SLICK and CHARLIE SEXTON, vocalists BERNARD FOWLER and COREY GLOVER, and drummer LEE JOHN. Opening with the moody Bring Me The Disco King Mike and Bernard do this song justice as Mike then ushers in the rest of the band and they kick into that guitar melody that is Rebel Rebel. The smiles in the crowd, the dancing, and the singing along had begun. There is a stark contrast to Bernard and Corey. Whereas Bernard brought more of a traditional Bowie sound, Corey interpreted the songs into another realm and took it to church in numbers like Young Americans and Under Pressure. People might forget but that are so many quality songs in Bowie's catalog that 2 hours isn't nearly enough as they have a revolving set list and sometimes songs like Changes and Golden Years and China Girl can be missed. While a bright star this night was Charlie singing a song that had not been done before tonight in Lazarus which was off of the last album whose first lyric, "Look up here, I'm in heaven" were prophetic with the timeliness of his passing and the albums release.

When you make a trip to see something celebrated, on many levels, it's always quite nice to sit back and digest what was witnessed before speaking about it. And that can also be difficult because one is more apt to discuss earlier than later. But in the case of A Bowie Celebration, this was discussed before, during, immediately after, and still days later. And it will always be remembered as this night, February 12, will hold meaning for bearing witness to some of the finer moments of this awesome 2019 which has just started but will take this night with me forever.

Props to Smitty and Corey for taking care of us as always with the gracious hospitality - much respect and love to you both! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻



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