November 22, 2019 (New York, NY) - Critically acclaimed rock band, OURS today released their driving hard rock single, “Wounds of Love”. The song is a peek into their full-length album Spectacular Sight due out in early 2020.

“Wounds of Love” was exclusively premiered on Heavy Consequence. Editor, Spencer Kaufman wrote, “...the alt-rock outfit Ours continue to create powerful songs highlighted by frontman Jimmy Gnecco’s soaring vocals …‘Wounds of Love’ is a heavy rock track that builds up to a big chorus, with Gnecco’s powerhouse pipes on full display.”

In addition to this incredible comeback song, OURS performs live today at Paste Studios in a four song mini-concert and launches a tour of select US cities including NY on Black Friday continuing to Chicago, Dallas, and LA.

Singer Jimmy Gnecco, in a league with the most renowned voices in rock, told Heavy Consequence: “The record is about someone’s journey from a really dark place in their life to somehow being turned around and recognizing all of the beauty that exists in this world. ‘Wounds of Love’ serves as the rock ‘n’ roll escape that ends up transforming this person. In reality, it ended up transforming and helping me in the process. It is on our new record, Spectacular Sight, out in early 2020.”

He added, “The first single, ‘Wounds Of Love’, sets the tone for our upcoming album Spectacular Sight. It’s a record that, we think, takes us to new sonic heights as it touches on all kinds of emotions and themes in this modern age. We can’t wait to bring it to venues around the world!”

In the current music scene, rock, alternative hard and heavy rock is certainly making a mark on the charts as well as with a new young audience. With the release of TOOL and others, OURS is a welcome breath of fresh ROCK air with Jimmy’s vocal range and songwriting.

Spectacular Sight is the culmination of a couple of years of soul searching, songwriting and inspiring musicianship.

Look for OURS on tour:

11/29 - Gramercy Ballroom, New York, NY

12/1 - Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL

12/4 - Trees, Dallas, TX

12/8 - Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA

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