5FDP, Breaking Benjamin, & Bad Wolves Golden 1 Center

Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, Ca

Nothing like roll'n in from a long metal filled weekend of amazingness at HeadbangersCon only to get notice that an opportunity to shoot at a new arena hits our email... PSA to all other arenas... The home of the Sacramento Kings, cough cough, had it down..! Equipment check-in and AMAZING seats awaited for us after our 3 songs... Thank you Carson & Libby, you two rock!

The show started a bit early, so we came in late and missed the openers... So, on to Bad Wolves, this was the second time catching these guys on this tour and their sound and showmanship has doubled since Five Points down in Irvine... The road has made them stronger, faster, and louder! The energy from the five members of Bad Wolves was felt throughout the venue... Even the employee's around the walkways wore ear plugs, it was that powerful. I won't pretend to know all their songs and what they played, all I know is that it was in your face and the crowd went nuts... Finally, the venue lit up during Zombie... Bad Wolves Platinum selling single, which in today's music listening world is saying A LOT!!! Congrats guys on making music magic.

Up next was Breaking Benjamin, much like their show down south BB was "support" that night, which is only in name... This band has been pounding out hits for 20+ years and it showed as this road worthy, radio friendly, rock band had no fillers in their entire set. Well minus their "cover section," which could have been left out... They have three singers that easily are lead vocalist in their own right. Just like I said earlier this year, their stage setup is pretty dang cool... I would have used more of it as a performer, but that's just me! The crowd ate up everyone of their tunes, even after being interrupted by the mele that took place across the way... Guys and Girls slug'n it out... Not once, but 2x... Even though Sacramento is sans of a NHL team, a hockey game broke out!!!

Finally, up came the powerhouse - bombastic - in your face - like a freight train com'n Five Finger Death Punch!!! I think only KISS is more of a marketing machine than this band... Few bands can claim to have their logo on pretty much anything... and it sells!!! Heck even the drum kit has chromed knuckles as lock downs for the cymbals... EPIC!

This is one of those bands that are visually eye candy for photographers, from their colors, stage gear, and instrument styles... They know how to put on great show for their fans and non fans alike! Their sound was... bombastic... So freak'n loud... Maybe as loud as Infectious Grooves back in +/-92 at the Universal Amphitheater... My ears are still ring'n from that show! The musicianship on display for 5FDP is second to none, they don't make mistakes, or if they do it is too loud to notice and since everyone is sing'n along, who cares!!! Again, I am not going try and fake the song titles and setlist, but just like last time they all sounded great, perfect for an arena tour and I hope to get to hear them live again and again.

There are few bands out there with the clout or "the means" to have a stage like theirs and it is great getting to be a part of the "show" in showmanship... They must be living a dream night after night roll'n multiple buses from town to town. 5FDP will not be stopped anytime soon, as long as metal is with us... Only 5FDP can stop the train!


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