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Last year at Aftershock Festival I had the opportunity to have a conversation with bassist P-NUT of 311 and we spoke of the Lakers, IRON MAIDEN, beers, and general conversation. It was a very fluid talk and I kept the friendship between their Team and us and we discussed hooking up again when they roll into Sacramento again. So last weekend I was able to have another conversation with P-Nut via the phone and that interview is posted here and then Friday night their current tour of 311 / DIRTY HEADS / DREAMERS / BIKINI TRILL descended upon Papa Murphy’s Park for an outdoor show.

Arriving after Bikini Trill has started and only catching their last song not much can be said but those in attendance seemed to enjoy their grooves. Up next was Dreamers who I was unaware of before today but I was able to shoot 3-songs of their set. What was noticed in this act was the amount of sound that came from a 3-piece act. RUSH gets a lot of sound but you could visibly see the drummer cue the tracks and while this is not my cup of tea, the younger (under 20) crowd seemed to love this band.

Up next was Dirty Heads who had a dual-level stage and the percussionist, drummer, and ‘keyboard’ player took to the stage first and began the grooves before the bottom level of bassist/sampler and 2 singers. They started with a slow groove that had a smooth rap from both vocalists and the crowd was singing along. Even if not a fan of this genre, there is something uniquely catchy to what they do and I applaud what they do and enjoyed their set. Some of the lyrical content is not of my choice because I do not partake, but the crowd seemed to based on the aroma in the air. Props to DH for delivering a 70-minute set that took the crowd on a journey of styles.

Finally the moment came when 29 years into their career the well oiled machine that is 311 commenced take off on their voyage. Beautiful Disaster opens the set smoothly yet also aggressively with the more grinding sections followed by their 25-year old hit of All Mixed Up! Everyone in this band is a master of their place. P-Nut stomps his effects and has the groove and finesse to keep the song moving, CHAD SEXTON while being able to keep the beat, has the ability to flourish where needed and throw in the off beats to keep it interesting, TIM MAHONEY knows the layers of effects and chords to not overplay nor underplay on his guitars, SA MARTINEZ stands at his turntables then jumps to the front for his vocal leads while busting moves that are completely his own, and NICK HEXUM trades off vocal lines and occasional guitar duties while being the frontman he truly is and their years of dedication to being on the road shows. Beats are not missed, moments are situated to a ‘T’, and the band flows like no other. There has been talk (at least in our conversation last week and on Twitter) about the band playing 2 Full Albums (different nightly) on their 30th anniversary tour so fans, if you’re reading and want this, start campaigning now to get what you want! This band put on a 5 star show in Sacramento and I look forward to next year with 311!


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